Mario Sikora

President/Senior Executive Coach

Mario Sikora is president of the leadership consulting rm Awareness to Action International and an executive coach. For nearly 20 years he has advised leaders in large organizations across the globe. He has worked with senior leaders in numerous multinational corpora- tions, including Motorola, TE Connectivity, Dow Chemicals, P zer, Panasonic, Arris Inc., Rovi Corp., and Johnson & Johnson.

An internationally recognized speaker and author, Mario is co-au- thor of the book “Awareness to Action: The Enneagram, Emotional Intelligence, and Change” and author of many articles on personality styles and leadership, performance improvement, and teambuilding. His writings have been translated into Italian, Spanish, French, Turk- ish, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Korean, and Danish.

Mario is an internationally recognized expert and thought-leader in the Enneagram model of personality styles. He has taught the Enneagram in companies and to public audiences on ve continents, and he delivers Enneagram certi cation programs for coaches, con- sultants, and human-resources and organizational-development pro- fessionals. Mario also served as president of the International Enneagram Association (IEA) in 2011-2012, serving on the IEA board of directors from 2009-2014.

Before forming Awareness to Action International, Mario held vari- ous roles in publishing and corporate communications. He lives outside of Philadelphia with his wife and their four sons.

María José Munita

Vice President/Executive Coach

María José Munita is Vice President Global Training and Develop- ment, and Head of Latin America Operations at Awareness to Action International. She is a professional coach who has worked on leader- ship development and team effectiveness with clients from industries such as construction, pharmaceuticals, mining, advertising agencies, banking, logistics & supply chain, and non-pro ts.

María José has broad experience coaching leaders, bringing in her international background as an executive in multinational compa- nies, her ability to understand human nature, a strong capacity to create trust with her clients, and sense of humor when it comes to looking at situations. This enables her to effectively challenge her clients, empowering them with tools, competency-development and a fresh perspective on their work.

María José is an IEA (International Enneagram Association) Accred- ited Professional and served as president of the IEA in 2013-2014, serving on the IEA board of directors from 2009-2015.

She lives in Santiago de Chile, with her husband and two daughters.