About the Awareness to Action Certification Program

Awareness to Action International is an international consulting group that helps our clients develop the kind of practical self-awareness that leads to effective action.
Our consultants come from a wide variety of industry backgrounds, from international banking to telecommunications to publishing, giving us a unique breadth and depth of experience. Our experience with the Enneagram model of personalities styles in working with-and getting results in-organizations throughout the world is hard to match.

We work with organizations of all sizes—from small regional companies to non-pro ts to multibillion-dollar international corporations. We have experi- ence working with leaders and teams on ve continents and bring a multi-cultural mindset to our engagements.

We are proud of the results we deliver to our clients, and we take pride in the fact that we are always learning from them, developing our own awareness and insights so we can better help you. ATAI specializes in working with senior leaders in a number of areas, including:

  • Scaling for broader assignments—helping high-potential leaders adjust to or prepare for the demands of a larger assignment
  • Global leadership—helping clients succeed in global roles that require multi-cultural skill
  • Leadership and Talent Development—helping clients develop the two most important tasks of leadership-in uencing and motivating others and developing strong leaders in their wake

ATAI helps prepare leaders for the future by weaving together the most useful insights from cognitive and evolutionary psychology, leadership and management theory, and personality studies and combining them with nearly two decades of real-world experience working with leaders in orga- nizations of all sizes across the globe.